Emilia and John enter the Salty Dog. I thought I would share a bit of my process on this image. I completed this image while taking the Narrative Art Class at CGMA with the amazingly insightful and talented Miguel Igesias. I feel like I didn't live up to its potential. but there is always the next one.
The process started with a ton of thumbnails and animal sketches to start creating the look of the animal Pirates. Unfortunately many of my favorites didn't make it into the final.
Some color studies on my rough. because I was doing this image for myself I kept making changes. 
 I always wish I spent more time on the final pencil drawing. It always saves me headaches in the color stage. I tried a version with the lizard in foreground but ended up nixing it because it took away from the hero's.
Final art and some details as well as some of the characters that were built in separate file and placed into the final. 
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